Only 3 Wishes

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I get a lot of questions and I can’t always answer them. I want to make this group so I can have other people that can answer questions, and ask questions, talk, make friends, whatever. This IS NOT to promote your tumblr in anyway! Go join now and also the posts are all secure. I made the group closed so people can’t see what you post, if you don’t want people to see you are in the group go to your timeline, hover over more, click groups, then on the groups page click the little pencil thing it says manage, and click hide selection (:

The group name is discreet now and almost 100 members strong!



the purge is scary because its a time frame in which you could be the target for random, unimpeded & unpunished cruelty just for being in the wrong place + wrong time and youll be blamed for not being adequately prepared & alert 

if youre black and/or queer and/or trans this is also known as “every waking moment”

boom goes the dynamite

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